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We use sophisticated tools to analyze student test weakness. Then motivate student to try new methodology to improve their fundamental and increase their study efficiency. We provide cost/performance effective classes to guide them to enter their dream Universities.

Apex Classroom provid a friendly environment, we would like to hear your voice and review. We believe that our classroom always have something that we can improve further and provide better service. We appreciate your opinions and ideas. For graduated students and parents, here is the area to share with us the progression of achievement. Through our teaching, we provide excellent study method to benefit students learning.

Student Performance

Ivy league
Harvard –L.C. From Leland High
Stanford U-- From Monta Vista High
Stanford U-- S.W. From Monta Vista High
MIT – H.P. from Harker
U Penn -- H. C. From Evergreen High
U Penn – K.C. From Harker
U Penn – B.C. From Harker
U Penn -- T. C. From Los Altos High
Cornell – From Cupertino High

UC Berkeley – P. X. From Leland High
UC Berkeley – C.K. From Gilroy High
UC Berkeley – N.W. From Los Altos High
UC Berkeley – L. K. From Los Gatos High
UC Berkeley – U. L From Leland High
UC Berkeley – R. L From Leland High
UC Berkeley – K.K. From Arogan High
UC Berkeley – R. H. From Monta Vista High
UC Berkeley – E.C.. From Lynbrook High
UCLA – S. L. From Lynbrook High
UCLA – C.Y. From Cupertino High
UCLA – E. C. From Misssion High
USC – K. X. From Harker
UCSD – T.C. From Cupertino High
UCSD – A. W. From Saratoga High
UCSD – R.L. From Leland High
UCSD – E. L. From Saratoga High
UCSD – J. L. From Monta Vista High
UC Davis – A.T. From Aragon High
UC Davis – B.W. From Palo Alto High
UC Davis – B.L. From Mountain View High
UC Davis – A.T. From Aragon High
UC Davis – A.S. From Monta Vista High
UC Irvine – D. L. From Leland High
UC Merced – S. T. From Notre Dame High

More College
Washington U at St. Louis – V.C. From Mission High
Georgetown U – N.N. From Monta Vista High
NYU – J.L. From Lynbrook
NYU – N.N. From Lynbrook
Cal Polytech – J.H. From Lynbrook High

Student Testmonies

Hellen Chen | Evergreen High
In my junior year of high school, I decided to study for the AP Biology test on my own. Because the material covered was broad and unfamiliar, I had great difficulty in not only creating a study plan but also in understanding the topics. However, after I began attending Mr. Kao's SAT II/AP Biology class, my progress improved considerably. Mr. Kao offers personalized attention, thorough lessons, and resources such as projected test scores that give an accurate idea of readiness. Before I attended the class, I would haphazardly study random sections, unsure of how to combine the topics cohesively. However, Mr. Kao taught in a way that made the material flow and that gave me a timeline before the test day. The class offered more individualized attention than high school classes, and Mr. Kao understands the learning style/speed of each student. I would highly recommend the class for those who are undertaking independent study and for those who need a little more help with their studies in school.
Thank you very much, and I hope this helps! / Helen

Karren L.
Dear Mr. Kao, Thank you so much for your training on SAT II Biology from March to May of 2011. I am able to achieve the score of 790 on my first ever SAT exam. Before I took your class, I was in my enormous disadvantage since I had very limited biology knowledge. However, I was able to score nearly 800 points with your help for only three months. Thank you, Mr. Kao, for your assistant.
Your student / Karen L

Kelvin W.
Mr. Andy Kao is an excellent teacher who has helped my growth tremendously. My growth has increased by 150 points from my first test and his weekly lessons along with his flexibility is very helpful. He assigns homework along with weekly practice tests, which were key to my improvements. His extensive knowledge of the textbook and the content also allow me to ask various questions that helped me in the last few weeks before my SAT II and AP test.

David H.
In Mr. Andy Kao's SAT II Biology class, I was able to learn a lot since he talked mainly about topics that most of the class had trouble with on the Diagnostic Test. He explained the topics he covered very clearly, pinpointed my mistakes, and was very helpful whenever I had questions. He was able to spend more time on topics that were tested often and gave me useful test- taking strategies due to his vast experience. His knowledge, experience, and clarity helped me get a 790 after three to four months of class on the SAT II Molecular Biology test- an improvement of 240 points in my freshman year.


“Mr. Kao offers personalized attention, thorough lessons, and resources such as projected test scores that give an accurate idea of readiness. Before I attended....”

- Hellen Chen, Evergreen High


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